20th anniversary of NHESS: 5-minute survey

4 December 2020

As part of the Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS) journal's 20th-anniversary activities, we are approaching members of the Natural Hazards (NH) community to ask your expert opinion on the following:

  1. three challenges facing our understanding of natural hazards;
  2. three broad steps or changes needed to address natural hazards and achieve sustainable development goals.

Please fill it out at the link here.

We will use your replies in one of two ways depending on the number and nature of the replies from the natural hazards community:

  1. we will synthesise all responses (all responses will be anonymous);
  2. some or all individual responses will be posted as part of a publication in NHESS as partial or full quotes.

If your responses are to be quoted, you have a choice of whether you allow us to use some combination of (a) your institution name, (b) job title, and (c) your name, or to leave it completely anonymous. After the two questions, there will be a location for you to fill in your details.

We thank you very much for contributing to this survey.

Heidi Kreibich, Paolo Tarolli, Uwe Ulbrich, and Bruce D Malamud (NHESS executive editors) on behalf of the NHESS editorial board.

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