Journal subject areas

The journal subject areas are defined by the following index terms below. These terms represent the keywords to be chosen for assignment of submitted manuscripts to individual editors.

Atmospheric, meteorological, and climatological hazards Dewitte, Kotroni, Kreibich, Leckebusch, Lionello, Llasat, Masci, Pinto, Trigo, Ulbrich
Sea, ocean, and coastal hazards Baptista, Didenkulova, Gain, Gonzalez Rodríguez, Lionello, Omira, Ward
Hydrological hazards Beevers, Bonaccorso, Dewitte, Fuchs, Kreibich, Llasat, Parise, Peres, Petrucci, Schröter, Tarolli, Van Loon, Ward
Landslides and debris flow hazards Catani, Dewitte, Giordan, Glade, Günther, Katz, Keiler, Malamud, Parise, Peres, Reichenbach, Tarolli
Earthquake hazards Baptista, Katz, Malamud, Masci, Mohadjer, Pazzi, Vallianatos
Volcanic hazards Baptista, Donovan, Macedonio, Pazzi
Other hazards (e.g. glacial and snow hazards, karst, wildfire hazards, and medical geohazards) Bordonau, Bühler, Fuchs, Haegeli, Keiler, Malamud, Parise, Pinto, Tarolli, Trigo
Databases, GIS, remote sensing, early warning systems, and monitoring technologies Bonaccorso, Bühler, Catani, Dewitte, Donovan, Gain, Giordan, Günther, Pazzi, Peres, Reichenbach, Tarolli
Risk assessment, mitigation and adaptation strategies, socio-economic and management aspects Beevers, Bonaccorso, Bühler, Donovan, Fuchs, Gain, Giordan, Glade, Haegeli, Keiler, Kotroni, Kreibich, Peres, Petrucci, Pinto, Reichenbach, Sakic Trogrlic, Ward
Dissemination, education, outreach, and teaching Donovan, Fuchs, Malamud, Mohadjer, Sakic Trogrlic